The Tiniest News Flash Amid the Rambles

Good golly, where do I even begin?  Happy New Year?  Needless to say, I’m a bit late sending out those wishes, but I mean them with the utmost sincerity.  I’m pretty jazzed to be done with 2014, which I have dubbed My Worst Year So Far.  I made myself a bullet point list of all the things that went awry, and it stretched past the one-page mark.  I typed it in pink font.  This helped highlight its absurdity and the fact that it’s over now (thank goodness), and I’d post it here if I wasn’t worried it might make my mom sad.  I started reading Strong Lady books and paying attention to feminist discussions for the first time.  Hermione’s on board, so why not see what it’s about, right?  Just kidding.  I tried reading Roxanne Gay’s Bad Feminist* but put it down after she bored me with her Scrabble essay.  I already know how to play competitive Scrabble, Roxane, and that is why no one will play with me anymore.  My brother informs me that it might have more to do with the way I refer to other players as “opponents” rather than “friends.”  I don’t see why these terms have to be mutually exclusive, but I sense the root of the problem lies somewhere in that statement.  I digress, though.  All this should help explain why the last two adult books I did read were How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran and Yes, Please! by Amy Poehler, which I will hopefully create posts for in the near future.

The other reason I bring up last year’s nonsense is to emphasize how incredible 2015 has been in contrast: I’ve gotten an amazing new job.  Hurray!  I’m so pleased to announce that I have just finished my first week at Booklist as their new Associate Editor of Books for Youth.  Hurray again!  I can’t wait to figure out this means, but in general I will be reading, writing, reviewing, editing, and meeting people in the book biz.  What could be better?  The only negative I’ve found so far is that there is no good coffee near the office.  Luckily, my window ledge can comfortably hold a pour over bar.  So, yes, I’m thrilled and overwhelmed and have no idea what direction this blog is about take.  Don’t worry, it will still be book focused, but I may have to play around with the types of posts I’m doing as I settle in to my new life in this lovely new year.

*I think Roxane Gay is great and people should absolutely read her book. If you’d like a glimpse of her style, pop on over to The Toast, where she is editor of The Butter.


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