The True Spirit of Valentine’s Day

Is everyone in the Valentine’s Day spirit?  Here are some things that might help.



Atlas Obscura ran an interesting article this week, filled with fun facts about the saint and the origins of Valentine’s Day, complete with pictures of his skull bits.  I definitely suggest checking it out.

For more violence and paganism, take a look at Psychology Today’s piece, “Valentine’s Day: Its Gory, Unromantic Secret History.”  I particularly enjoyed learning more about the origin of valentines:

Rituals emerged in Europe in the 1600s and 1700s to divine future spouses on Valentine’s Day. Some young people went to churchyards at midnight to await an omen, but drawing lots was the most common practice of divination. Clergyman Henry Bourne explained in 1725, “it is aceremony, …to draw Lots, which they term Valentines….The names of a select number of one Sex, are by an equal Number of the other put into some Vessel; and, after that, every one draws a Name, which for the present is called their Valentine, and is also look’d upon as good Omen of their Man and Wife afterwards.”



Buzz Feed put together an amazing collection of creepy, vintage valentines, which is slightly frightening and completely baffling when you think about how these actually made it to the shop card racks.

riggs1If you now feel inspired to send a creepy, weird valentine of your own, Quirk Books is offering some stellar Hollow City e-cards that should do the trick.


Since divination was entwined with the holiday’s history, I thought it appropriate to mention it in this post.


The latest issue of The Week has a good article entitled, “The Secret of the Ouija Board.”  My favorite takeaway was that the name “Ouija” most likely was inspired by a women’s rights activist named “Ouida,” not from combining the French and German words for yes, “Oui” and “Ja.”

The above image was taken from the Museum of Talking Boards, where you can learn more about this form of divination, see antique boards, and even play online. Now’s your chance to ask the spirits your romantic queries.

tarotIf Ouija isn’t your style, there are countless online tarot sites, like, which specifically offers a reading called “The Lover’s Path.”  Want to perform the reading yourself? Tarot Girl Next Door has links to her 6 favorite tarot spreads pertaining to love and relationships.



Me, I’ll probably be listening to The Magnetic Fields’ 69 Love Songs and eating some chocolate.

1. Absolutely Cuckoo

2. All My Little Words

3. Washington D.C.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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