Constable & Toop, the complete review

As promised, here is my review of Gareth P. Jones’s Constable & Toopwhich ran in the November 5th issue of Shelf Awareness for Readers.

Constable & Toop

“Gareth P. Jones’s (the Dragon Detective Agency series) latest is both a mystery and ghost story set in Victorian London. The novel begins with a murder and quickly moves into the realm of ghosts and the gritty chaos of the “real” world.

Lapsewood, a ghost with a desk job, is assigned to investigate the disappearance of a ghost in London and soon discovers she is not the only one missing. Fourteen-year-old Sam Toop, the undertaker’s son, has the peculiar ability to see and communicate with ghosts. When Lapsewood discovers something is driving the ghosts from London, Sam’s services are sought to help save its otherworldly inhabitants.

Gareth P. Jones expertly blends humor with the more sinister subjects of murder and death to create a compulsive read that has the feel of a Neil Gaiman novel mixed with Terry Pratchett. The lightness in tone does not detract from the suspense Jones builds as he pieces together the plot and disreputable acts therein; readers never forget that dark forces are at work, forces not even the dead can escape. The colorful characters prove memorable, from the Man in Gray who haunts the Drury Lane Theatre, whispering forgotten lines to actors on stage, to a three-legged spirit hound named Li’l Mags. The ambiance and brilliant storytelling make this book an ideal pick for fall, when haunting tales are in high demand. Constable & Toop will appeal to fans of Harry Potter, Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book and Joseph Delaney’s Last Apprentice series.”

I really did love this book.  It was morbid and funny in all the right places, making it the sort of story I truly enjoyed reading from start to finish.


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