Sandy. Sandy’s his name, if you please.

In the wake of hurricane Sandy’s destruction, so many communities need help getting back on their feet.  I was impressed and gratified to see some of the efforts being made by the literary community to raise money and support for the people and businesses affected by the storm.

Authors Kate Messner and Joanne Levy have launched an impressive online auction at KidLit Cares to raise money for the Red Cross’s disaster relief efforts.  Their amazing auction packages include manuscript critiques, Skype author visits, virtual writing workshops, school & library marketing, and consultations for authors.  “Round 1” has already closed, but “Round 2” runs through Nov. 23. There are some really fantastic opportunities here for such a great cause.  I couldn’t help but chime in and tell them so.

GalleyCat has a great post entitled, “Literary Community Unites for Hurricane Sandy Relief” that lists many ways people are helping and how you can get involved.  A few of the fundraisers mentioned have come to a close, but there are still plenty of opportunities available.

The Melville House blog, Moby Lives,  has information for booksellers who faced losses from the storm, specifically grant opportunities through the Book Industry Charitable Foundation.

These are just a few ways people are rallying and how you can, too, if you are so moved.  You can also just add a donation to your Whole Foods basket like I did the next time you find yourself in that snack line.  Helping is so simple!


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