Library Websites & Tumblers

Social media and technology are two things that cannot be ignored when one is planning to work with a generation who has never known a world without the internet.  Whether this is old hat to you or brand new territory, it’s a great idea to take a look at what other people are doing in this sphere. Need a place to get started?  Here are a few lists that were recently compiled of noteworthy library websites and Tumblrs.  The sites selected tend to offer entertaining looks into librarianship or celebrate books in some manner.  I’m particularly fond of Librarianista and Books & Other Geekery, but you should see what strikes your fancy:

Mental Floss “Top 24 Library-Centric Sites:”

Library Journal‘s “Tumblrarian 101:”

School Library Journal‘s favorite Tumblrs:

Salem Press’ Library Blog Search Engine:

I’ve also created a Youth Services category in my blog roll.  These are the blogs created by my fellow classmates and cover a wide range of information pertaining to this field.  It’s another great way to see just what is running through the minds of librarians in training. Beatrix to Bellatrix has a great post on the unfortunate trend of putting wistful girls in prom dresses on the covers of all the “girls'” teen fiction of late.  Horrible.  Click here to see what we both have to say on the subject.


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