Keeping my Head in the Clouds

Over the course of the past two weeks I have started a new job and begun a new semester of school.  I’m back behind the counter making coffee and practicing my rosettas, a barista to the end.  I am determined to perfect my pour and own my own tamper before I leave the coffee world for that of libraries.  Speaking of which, my Youth Services class requires that I make one blog post a week on something pertaining to the youth services field, so this should happily bump up my blogging activity.  I will be adding to and reorganizing my links, so I apologize if things start shifting around.

Otherwise, I’ve been re-reading David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas (see header picture for the first reading) in preparation for the upcoming movie.  Frankly, I’m nervous and skeptical.  It’s an epic, time-sprawling story that opened my eyes to less conventional narrative techniques; it’s been a favorite book of mine for years.  Mitchell is a self-described “plot and character man” (“The world begins its turn with you, or how David Mitchell’s novels think.” Chapter in B. Schoene’s The Cosmopolitan Novel. Edinburgh University Press, 2009.), who also pays close attention to language; he works it in wonderful ways.  I’m worried that much of the literary nature of Mitchell’s work will be lost in translation.  The movie is filled with big names and special effects,  but I will anxiously buy my theater ticket and hope for the best.  If you have not yet seen the movie preview, here it is:

Cloud Atlas Movie Trailer

If you have not yet purchased a copy of the book, you have until the end of September to do so before they are released with the dreaded movie-tie-in cover:

Cloud Atlas US Edition

Current U.S. Edition

Cloud Atlas UK Edition

Current U.K. Edition

Cloud Atlas Movie Cover

Impending Movie Cover

Ugh.  I feel I should confess that I initially read Cloud Atlas simply by judging it by its cover: I love clouds, you see.  This is one of those rare cases that everything worked out beautifully–like a successful blind date, I suppose.  I’m not sure if I would have even had a (reading) relationship with Mitchell if the first cover I saw was weird actor collage above.  Then where would I be?


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