The ABCs Update: Amazon, Booker, Chrome

A is for Amazon’s latest attempt

to digitize reading at someone’s expense.

It snagged D.C. Comics, stoking B&N’s ire,

in addition to readers without Kindle Fire.

For its deal is exclusive to this new device,

showing how, yet again, Bezos fails to play nice.

B is for Booker Prize winner, Julian Barnes,

announced Tuesday evening–the fourth time’s charm.

His acceptance speech for The Sense of an Ending

notes the beauty of print as a cause worth defending.

And for those annoyed with Booker selection criteria,

the new Literature Prize seeks to expand the arena.

C is for Chrome Experiment WebGL Bookcase,

Google’s new virtual book interface.

Its graphic-rich content is a beast to support

and without the newest of browsers, refuses to work.

Though, I suppose its shelves do hold infinite books,

and for curiosity’s sake is well worth a look.


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