It’s a Book!

I just paid a visit to the Magic Tree Bookstore, where I used to work and am now something of a freelance bookseller, and found Lane Smith’s new picture book, It’s a Book. Smith is one of my favorite children’s authors and illustrators, so I was very excited to find a new title on the shelf and I promise it does not disappoint.  To quote Smith, “It’s a Book is about a book loving monkey, a tech savvy jackass, and a straight talking mouse.”  It is just that and bears that hilarious, offbeat Lane Smith charm that characterizes his work.

Considering the nature of this blog and my dislike of books as technology, I naturally gravitated toward It’s a Book. Lane Smith’s blog entry on his newest book adds an interesting perspective on the traditional vs. electronic book debate, especially since Smith admits to liking both formats.  Stop by his site, take a look at his blog, Curious Pages: Recommended Inappropriate Books for Kids, and by all means pick up It’s a Book the next time you’re in a bookstore or library.

Speaking of bookstores, I was sent the following article featured in The Nation by one of the owners of Magic Tree, which serves as yet another reminder to shop local when you can: “The Trouble with Amazon” by Colin Robinson


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